Cake Bite Delights - Custom Made Gourmet Desserts
 Cake Bite Packages
 One Dozen (includes one flavor)
 30 (includes two flavors)
 65 (includes three flavors)
                     100 (includes four flavors)
* Anything outside of these four packages will be charged $1.50 per bite.
* Additional Flavors added to Packages will be charged $5.00 for each flavor.
 ~Cake Pops~
$2.00 Per Pop (Standard Decoration)
*Custom color or custom design add $.25
Specialty Design add $.50 - $1.00
Cake Bite Cakes
A Cake Bite Cake is a dummy cake that is covered in fondant and decorated. Cake Bites are then attached to the dummy cake with toothpicks.
Each Cake Bite that goes on the dummy cake will be $1.50 (this price is for a standard drizzle decoration or plain cake bite). Any custom design (i.e. swirls) on each cake bite will be an additional $.25 per bite.
The dummy cake is priced at $40.00 and up
( The price will increase based on the amount of cake bites that will go on it as well as the type of decorations (rhinestones,flowers, specific theme, etc.)
  Add On's
Additional flavors added to any cake bite packages
$4.00 per extra flavor
   Custom Colored Design
extra $.25 per bite/pop
    Custom Specialty Decorations
(i.e. - Basketballs, footballs, Bride and Groom, Hello kitty, etc.)
extra $.50 per bite/pop
 Premium Custom Specialty Decorations
(i.e. - Angry Birds, Designer Purses, etc.)
 extra $1.00 per Pop
 Tag attatched to Pops as a favor (Ex:Jessica and John , May 12th 2012) 
         extra $.20 per Pop
     Bite/Pop individually favor wrapped with cellophane and ribbon
  extra $.20 per bite/pop
Colored Ribbon tied to Cake Pop Stick
 extra $.10 per pop
Gift Wrapping (gift box and bow)
Decorative Cake Bite and Cake Pop Stand
$20.00 and up
Wedding Cake Dummy cake for Cake Bites
$40.00 and up
fancy design
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Cake Bites fully cooked?
Yes. The cake in our Cake Bites are fully baked. The cake is then blended with icing, which creates a doughy consistency. This is what makes the Cake Bites super moist and delicious!
What Size are the Cake Bites and how many to order per person?
Cake Bites and Pops are approximately 1.5 inches in diameter. When serving at a party, 1-2 Cake Pops and 2-3 Cake Bites are sufficient per person. It is a good idea when serving, not to have too many flavors available for your guests, as they will want to try one of each flavor and the cake bites will QUICKLY disappear!
How long do the Cake Bites/Pops last?
Cake Bites and Cake Pops can be kept at room temperature for 5-7 days. Bites can also be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks and can be kept frozen in an air tight container in your freezer for up to 4 months!
How are Cake Bites/Pops best served?
Cake Bites and Cake Pops are best served slightly chilled. It is a good idea to refrigerate your bites for a few hours upon arrival before your event or before consumption. Also, it is NOT a good idea to freeze Cake Bites before an event, as they do sweat and can become tacky and sticky when thawing out.

How do the Cake Bites get Served from a Cake Bite Cake?
Cake Bites are attached to the dummy cake with toothpicks. When having a Cake Bite Cake at your event, cakes bites can be served in two ways:
Your guests can simply pull the Cake Bites off themselves from the toothpicks. The downfall of this method leaves the dummy cake looking very messy with toothpicks sticking out everywhere. I personally don't recommend this method if having your cake at a more upscale and nice event. The second method is for the cake to be taken away after your guest have seen the cake, taken pictures, ect. Have someone at your event be in charge of removing the cake bites themselves and placing them in mini cupcake holders and putting them on trays to be served to your guests.
How much advance notice do I need to place an order?
Cake Bites and Cake Pops are made to order and we require at least a 48 hour (2 day) notice for any orders less than 100. Any orders of 100 or more require at least a week notice. Cake Bite Cakes require at least a 3 week in advance notice. It is a good idea to contact us as soon as possible with your order, as our calendar does fill up for certain days/dates and there may be times when we will be booked up and may not be able to accommodate your order. There are also times when we CAN accommodate last minute orders (day of or next day) depending on what we have in stock, so please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!
Do you deliver?
Yes, we service the Metro Detroit area. We deliver on orders over 30 Cake Bites or Cake Bite Cakes and Cake Pop Custom Stands. We only deliver within a 40 mile radius of 48076. Delivery is $.40 per mile. Cake Bite Cakes MUST be delivered due to the very Fragile nature of the Cake. Our pick up location is in Southfield, MI.
Do you ship?
Yes, we ship nationwide. Shipping during the cold weather is no problem as mother nature acts as a natural refrigerator. Cold Packs are available during the warm weather season and will be added to your order. We only ship on Monday - Wednesdays. Please inquire about shipping costs.
Do Bulk orders receive a discount?
Yes, bulk orders do receive discount. Please inquire about discounts.
Cake Bite Delights now offers Gift Certificates! They will make the Perfect Gift!