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Cake Pops

Cake Bites

Standard Cake Bite Package Options:

One Dozen $25 (includes 1 flavor choice) 

30  Cake Bite Platter $60 (includes up to 2 flavor choices)

65 Cake Bite Platter $120 (includes up to 3 flavor choices) 

100 Cake Bites Platter $160 (includes 4 flavor choices)

* These prices are for standard decorated cake bites. Swirls and/or additionalAny colored cake bites are an additional charge*

Cake Bite Cake

Cake Bite Cakes require a 75 cake bite minimum (A one Tier Cake).

Cake Bite Cakes are priced as such:

The amount of tiers on the cake, amount of cake bites on the cake as well as the decoration.

Please call or email for exact pricing info.

Custom Styrofoam Cake Pop Stands

We can make you a custom stand that will hold your cake pops. Stands come in 1-4 tiers depending on how many cake pops it needs to hold.

Stands start at $30

Cake Pops

Standard decorated Cake Pops are priced at $2.50 each

This price is for regular standard drizzle and design cake pops. 

 Any specialty cake pop with a design swirl and/or special decoration (glitter, etc) are priced at 

$3.00 each

All Premium Cake Pops ( Bride, Groom, Characters, Sports Balls, etc.) are priced at $3.50 each

***Individual Cellophane Wrapping of each cake pop is additional $ .25 per Cake Pop***

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