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Cake Bite Cakes

What is a Cake Bite Cake?

A cake bite cake looks like a traditional tiered cake, but it is made up of only cake bites (cake balls). It is a tiered cake made out of styrofoam cake dummies (not real cake), which is then covered in fondant. Cake bites are then put onto the fondant-covered dummies with toothpicks. Guests are able to take the cake bites off of the cake throughout the event, or the catering staff can be asked to take the cake bites off before serving dessert and place the cake bites on platters for your guests to enjoy! A cake bite cake is a beautiful display that is a perfect option for couples who love the look of a traditional wedding cake, but want cake bites instead!

Quantities and Pricing

The number of cake bites that a cake can hold depends on what size tiers you order:

6"Round = 45 Cake Bites (15 per row) $40

8" Round = 57 Cake Bites (19 per row) $50

10" Round = 72 Cake Bites (24 per row) $60

12" Round = 84 Cake Bites (28 per row) $70

14" Round = 96 Cake Bites (32 per row) $80

I normally recommend 1-2 cake bites per guest.  Also, keep in mind that the more flavors you have, your guests will want to take and try more. For larger weddings (150-300 guests) A more cost-efficient way to feed your guests is to get a Cake Bite Cake for display purposes with a smaller amount of cake bites that you need, then add more cake bites or cake pops that can sit around the cake ( like the picture posted on the right). 

As for pricing, the cake bites are priced separately. You are simply paying for the actual tiers, materials, cake dummies, fondant, toothpicks, cake topper, and decorations for the cake (flowers, ribbon, rhinestones).

Cake Bite Pricing:   Each cake bite is a base price of $1.50. This includes any color you want them to be. 

Shimmer/ Sprinkles added to the cake bite = additional $.25 per bite

Swirl Design added to the cake bite = additional $.50 per bite

Ombre Design (Change in color from light to dark) = 

Additional $50 added to the price

So for example: The cake pictured on top of this page (white, green, blue cake)  is priced as such...

It is a 4 tier cake (6", 8", 10" and 12")  = $220

This cake has 258 cake balls on it (258 x $1.50)= $387

The bottom row of each tier has a swirl design on the cake bites

( 86 cake bites x additional $.50 each bite) = $43

So the total cost of the cake is $650

***There is also a $25 + $.50 mile (48235) delivery and setup charge*** 

Cake Pops and Cake Bites 

Cake pops or cake bites are perfect to give as a favor or have on your dessert table of your wedding or bridal shower! Cake pops start at $2.50 per cake pop/ $1.50 per cake bite

Price increases with additional decoration (swirls, sprinkles, glitter, bride and groom design, etc.)

Cellophane wrapping or favor boxes are also available for an additional charge. As well as favor tags. Please contact me for more pricing info!

Ombre Cake Bite Cake

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